day 4 - 15 july 2016 - 6.41am

4th day upwards

time: 00:40:31

distance: 5,84km

temperature: 14°

first song: strong enough (cher)


sunnshine!!! for the first time! what a difference! still quite chilly for a summer day but perfect temperature for running!

I need to listen to music when I'm running alone. it keeps me going. so from now on I'm adding my first song from my playlist to the basic information above. maybe I should start my own "upwards" playlist ;-) what are your favourite songs when running?


my first thought after finishing my session today: I made it through the first week!! 2 days resting now!

have a great weekend everybody and see you back monday morning :)

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    Andrea (Freitag, 12 August 2016 09:28)

    Aaaaaaaaaa... Das war auch immer eines meiner Lauflieder!!!