day 9 - 22 july 2016 - 6.39am

9th day upwards

time: 00:41:39

distance: 6,02km

temperature: 19°

first song: you won't let me (karise eden)


I successfully finished my second week! it feels good!!! only three more weeks to go ;-)


todays run was an ok run. it was cloudy and very humid. the beginning was slow but I was able to speed up a little during my run. only going upwards is still very slow. every time I get to the edge I look up to the gloriette one time and than keep looking on the ground right in front me until I'm on top. I can feel it when I'm getting close to the end.


for the first time I noticed what music does to my running. I should get rid of the songs that make me sad as they also make me slow. anybody has the same experience? or is this just in my head?


I do think about having just one day of a break tomorrow (I will be on a full day walking-tour), continue my project on sunday and do this the same on the next weekend. this would give me two more sleeping in days with my friend and her daughter visiting from london next week ;-). will see...


now it's time for shower and coffee again.


have a great weekend everybody and maybe I'll be back on sunday!

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    Andrea (Freitag, 12 August 2016 09:38)

    Bei mir war es auch immer so mit der Musik... Einer meiner favourites ist ja sowieso Pink - sie hat immer wieder so tolle Powersongs!!! Hmmm... der eine fällt mir grade aber net ein....