day 10 - 24 july 2016 - 7.03pm

10th day upwards

time: 00:41:35

distance: 6,01km

temperature: 27°

first song: killing time (joss stone)


yes, I did it! but I'll never do it again! running at night time. there is more than one reason why running in the morning is much better: at least 10° less, no tourists (sticking out their selfie sticks right in front of your face), no kids (getting between your legs), no bad smells (from perfumes), less sweating, no waiting at the water tabs and there are more squirrels and birds.

I just couldn't get out of bed in the morning. and by the time I was up it was too hot already. but at least I have one more morning sleeping in for the coming week ;-).


talking about water tabs. I usually stop 3 times during my run. 2 times for drinking (which usually doesn't take longer than a couple of seconds) and 1 time for taking the picture up at gloriette (which takes about a little bit more than a minute).


it's time for a shower now. and some food would be nice, too. there is actually one advantage about running at night. I don't have to rush and bother about getting ready for work ;-)


have a nice sunday eve! I'll be back tomorrow morning (hopefully!!)

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    Andrea (Freitag, 12 August 2016 09:39)

    Das Laufen am Morgen ist sicher feiner, Gott bei der Hitze.... Geht ja gaaaar nicht.... ;)