day 12 - 27 july 2016 - 6.47am

12th day upwards

time: 00:44:20

distance: 6,04km

temperature: 22°

first song: la camisa negra (juanes)


I did hear my first alarm at 6am but had turned off my second one (I am on vacation! remember?). my thoughts where jumping back and forth between 'no, I won't get up today' and 'yes, eva, you can do it'. I was already close to giving up my second thought when britta knocked on my door and gave me this little extra kick I needed to get out of bed. thanks a lot for that britta and the hug for the way!! it helped a lot!! I know you would have come with me if you could.


I just noticed that I got half time today!!! only 12 more times to go! :)


I wasn't even later as usual but very slow again. although it was another beautiful and sunny morning. with the usual suspects. there is this one jogger guy I've seen already more than once a week. I usually meet him behind gloriette. he is always wishing a friendly 'good morning' every time I pass by him. it always makes me smile.


there is one big difference today - I can go back to bed now :)) looking forward to brunch with the girls later on :)

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    Britta (Mittwoch, 27 Juli 2016 11:25)

    Evali, I felt so bad this morning. We were the reason why you did not hear your first alarm and struggled with your second. We kept you up so late last night and were still looking at trailers for films to see today, when you were already nearly falling asleep in the living room....We have to be more disciplined tonight and go to bed a bit earlier!! So proud of you that you still did it and managed to run all that distance this morning. Hugs, Brittaxxxxxx

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    eva (Donnerstag, 28 Juli 2016 00:16)

    I don't want to miss one minute Britta. Not yesterday and not today either! oooxxx Evali

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    Andrea (Freitag, 12 August 2016 09:42)

    Mit so einer Motivationsfreundin ist das natürlich klasse!!!!!!!!!