day 14 - 30 july 2016 - 7.24am

14th day upwards

time: 00:42:07

distance: 6,25km

temperature: 17°

first song: das beste (silbermond)


yes, I was a little late today but hey, it's weekend ;-)

and it was not too late as it was still peaceful in the park, the temperature was perfect and it was clear and sunny. and it was going much easier today than the past couple of days. no, not easy but easier! although my left knee is starting to bother me now (no I didn't get a second knee brace) so I will switch on monday. I have to say it shows that running is not the best for your knees. well, at least not for my knees.


that brings me to another topic: food. I forgot to mention that I did eat more or less glutenfree at the beginning of my project (started with it about 2 weeks earlier). I usually don't follow any diets. but I have to say already skipping gluten in the morning helps. although I wasn't very lucky with my glutenfree bred so far. it didn't taste any good. anybody any suggestions for me where to get good glutenfree bread in vienna?

the other change I had in my diet was skipping milk in my coffee. I usually loved my cappuccino in the morning. but I guess I can get used to my pure black coffee (as long as it's a good espresso ;-).

I will see if I will stick to my diet after the project.


talking about food... it's time for shower and breakfast. have a good weekend everybody and see you back on monday!


nb. andy, I followed your advise and did some stretching afterwards today :)

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    Andrea (Freitag, 12 August 2016 09:47)

    Also da kann ich viel dazu sagen... Je nachdem was du am liebsten magst, es gibt ein Landbrot, das echt gut schmeckt, ein Körndltoastbrot oder - und das liebe ich - ein Knäckebrot.
    Aber die meisten glutenfreien Gebäcksorten sind trocken und man kann´s auslassen ;))))

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    Andrea (Freitag, 12 August 2016 09:48)

    Aja.... also das Lied ist aber nicht so das Lauflied, oder?