day 16 - 2 august 2016 - 6.39am

16th day upwards

time: 00:38:42

distance: 6,01km

temperature: 13°

first song: all the right reasons (the jayhawks)


not the best song for starting my run but I do love this song!


no matter what time I go to bed at night getting up at 6am will never be an easy task for me!


brrrr, what a chilly morning! but the perfect running weather. cool and lots of sunshine! and it did go well. I guess it was my fastest run so far ;-)


nothing further happened on my way. no squirrels, no birds, just the usal suspects like other joggers and nordic walkers. lots of thoughts in my head. but they had nothing to do with my run. maybe that's why I was fast today. I forgot that I was running ;-)


can't wait to get under the shower. and yes, I did again some stretching today. it helps!

maybe a coffee first...


enjoy this beautiful day and be nice to each other!

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    Andrea (Freitag, 12 August 2016 09:52)

    Das Stretchen tut einfach immer gut irgendwie danach... Und du hast "vergessen" das du läufst klingt doch fast schon nach Glückshormonen... ;))