day 19 - 5 august 2016 - 6.39am

19th day upwards

time: 00:40:33

distance: 6,00km

temperature: 23°

first song: might as well smile (beth hart)


sometimes I wonder which songs I got on my mobile ;-)


very very slow today! no sun today but it was unbelievable warm. the whole run was one big fight. it was hard from the beginning till the end! especially uphill was painful. it costed me quite an effort to do it.


I'm very much looking forward to those two days off now! my legs desperately need this break. and I do too!


only 5 more days to go next week!


have a great weekend everybody! I'll be back on monday.

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    Andrea (Freitag, 12 August 2016 09:55)

    Klingt nicht nach tollen Bedingungen und 23 Grad ist dann doch einfach zu warm...