day 21 - 9 august 2016 - 6.36am

21st day upwards

time: 00:39:16

distance: 6,00km

temperature: 15°

first song: walking away (craig david)


I love the smell out of a bakery early in the morning! and I love the taste of a fresh baked roll with butter on it. and salt. or marmelade. or honey. or cheese. whatever. I miss it. I guess I won't keep up with my gluten free diet afterwards.


a dark brown squirrel crossed my way right at the beginning of my run and it even followed me for a couple of seconds before it disappeared in the bushes. it almost felt like it would come by to cheer me on ;-). it made me smile for the rest of my run.


it was another bright and sunny morning just like yesterday. I even started at the exact same time and I was only 6 seconds slower. I forgot to mention yesterday that I finally found out about the auto pause function in the runtastic app. and it's working fine so far!


I start thinking about what I'm gonna do after this project... it's only 3 more times to go!

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    Andrea (Freitag, 12 August 2016 09:58)

    Wir könnten im alten AKH zusammen was machen??? Dann müsstest halt bei uns duschen... ;)))