day 23 - 11 august 2016 - 6.34am

23rd day upwards

time: 00:41:03

distance: 6,01km

temperature: 12°

first song: who's gonna stop the rain (anastacia)


I never listened carefully to the lyrics of this song. today I did. it hasn't anything to do with getting wet. listen to it!


today was painful! I don't know why but it was my hardest run so far. the weather conditions have been good. no rain today, just clouds and a little windy. I had to push myself all the way through. there wasn't one minute when I felt that it was going easier! the breathing was hard today. and my whole body screamed STOP (my legs screamed the loudest). I kept telling myself that I can't stop NOW. it's too close to the finish line. throughout the whole run I was close to crying. somehow I kept running.


I can't wait now to get under the shower. I'll grab a coffee on my way.


see you back tomorrow! hopefully the last day of my challenge will be easier!!

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    Susanne (Freitag, 12 August 2016 08:41)

    Really enjoyed following you on your running journey and I am already looking forward to your next challenge!

  • #2

    Andrea (Freitag, 12 August 2016 10:00)

    Bin stolz auf deine Beine und dich!!!

  • #3

    eva (Samstag, 13 August 2016 13:13)

    @Susanne: I'm gald you enjoyed it! we'll see what's up next! ;-)

    @Andrea: danke!! bin ich auch! :)