day 24 - 12 august 2016 - 6.35am

24th day upwards

time: 00:40:31

distance: 6,00km

temperature: 12°

first song: I didn't know my own strength (whitney houston)

last song: superstar (jamelia)


I'VE DONE IT!!!! I successfully finished my little project upwards!!! I'm very happy, very relieved!!! I tried to enjoy my last run as much as possible. but again it wasn't easy!


today I also added the last song because it just fits so perfect. I do feel a little bit like a superstar ;-)

and the first song I've to admit I picked out before I started my run today. unfortunately she did crumble and break at the end. but I made it through! again it showed that it's all in your head. with mental strength I managed to get up every morning and to keep running even when I thought I can't any more. breathing was the hardest part! it felt like I would have had a diving belt with weights only on the left side and a corset that is getting tighter and tighter the longer the run lasted. but I did it!!! and I'm very proud of myself!


this is to all the women out there fighting breast cancer. keep on fighting!!!


a big thank you to all my supporters who encouraged me to keep up the spirit! it made a big difference! I couldn't have done it without you!


I am very much looking forward to the upcoming long weekend! I will take a break with running upwards but for sure I'll keep on running ;-)

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    Agata (Freitag, 12 August 2016 09:15)

    Congratulations Eva! I really feel inspired by your not that little project! This is the strength of your mind that made it possible. I hope one day I will post here a picture from my morning running :) Enjoy the long weekend! :)

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    Andrea (Freitag, 12 August 2016 10:03)

    EVALI SUPERSTAR!!! Sehr sehr stolz kannst du auf dich sein!!!
    Und egal welche Krankheit: das KÄMPFEN ist so WICHTIG!!!
    Danke, dass du uns an dem Projekt teilhaben hast lassen - ähm wer hatte dich eigentlich inspiriert?

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    eva (Freitag, 12 August 2016 15:31)

    @Agata: thank you!! I'm happy that you feel inspired! also many thanks for the sweet note and the bottel of champagne on my desk this morning!!!

    @Andrea: danke!! bin auch stolz auf mich ;-) werd mir dann mal deine ganzen comments zu gemüte führen ;-)

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    Eva S (Freitag, 12 August 2016 18:10)

    You can be proud of yourself, Eva! I wonder whether this experiment has changed your chronotype - are you a morning type now?? See you soon in GOV (good old Vienna) :-)

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    eva (Samstag, 13 August 2016 13:10)

    tks eva, I'm very happy I did it!! and no, nothing changed. I still don't like getting up at 6am ;-). have a save trip and see you soon!!